Vin Recca for Middlebury College SGA President 2011

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Come Run With Vin

Vin's not a man who runs often. Standing tall at 5' nothing and weighing a scant 150 lbs, Vin's not exactly a guy you'd expect to see benching 100+lbs in the gym. Let's be honest, he's too concerned about spilling his drink to don a pair of Nikes and hit the trail.

But when he does run, you better believe there's a reason. Folks, let me assure you, this is one of those times.

Middlebury's student body finds itself right now on a path with an unclear heading. Together, we've weathered the worst of the 2007-2009 financial crisis. In my first three months on campus, I saw a quarter of our resources vanish, and with them once-cherished programs and privileges. Thankfully, this didn't stop the gradual shifts in our community that has made the college a more diverse, stronger institution. The campus I've just moved all my stuff to for the fourth time is noticeable different from the one I entered as a nervous freshman in the fall of 2008.

But what's next? What will the next four years, nay the next year, bring to our bucolic corner of Vermont? More importantly, what do we want them to bring for us, what do we want them to be all about? We have an unique opportunity right now to answer these questions and to set the trajectory for our college community. 

Vin, like me, sees this. He believes that there's a lot that we can do and that we can demand for our community. He wants to fight for those policies that have trouble getting off the ground, like pass/fail courses, curriculum reform, new majors in Hindi and Africana studies, academic credit reform, and greater protections for and tolerance of students of all ethnic identities and sexual orientations. He's seen first-hand the "blue tape" making machine and knows exactly which parts need to be cut to better facilitate student creativity and to strengthen our social life. He fervently believes that our Student Government Association is and should always be one of the most important institutions in protecting students' interests and in affecting change.

That's why Vin is running for the SGA Presidency, and that's why I'm supporting him. We want to guide a coalition of students from across the Middlebury universe who believe that together we can do big, great things. We want to spearhead the effort to take back the most encompassing organization on campus and make it effectively push for meaningful improvements in our collegiate experiences. Together we can REFRAME the mission of the SGA so that it can become our strongest advocacy and coordinating body. We can REFORM its overly bureaucratic operations to better facilitate student creativity and initiatives. We can REIMAGINE the possible by confronting with renewed vigor the lingering issue of the Student Activity Fee reserves and by proposing an exciting opportunity to spur student entrepreneurialism and hands-on education. Do not be confused folks, these are big things.

We invite you to do big things, to become part of our coalition, to vote Vin Recca for SGA President 2011. If we work hard and are united in our efforts, Vin and I believe there's nothing we can't accomplish together. You better go grab your running shoes, because Vin's got a head start and he ain't turning back.

See you on the trail,

Scott Klenet '12
Campaign Manager, Vin Recca for Middlebury 2011