Vin Recca for Middlebury College SGA President 2011

A Note from Vin

Students of the Middlebury College Community,

Like so many of you, I place great hope in the Student Government Association to tackle problems that hamper our student experience. We are always eager to see progress being made on issues of concern for students. Throughout my lengthy career in and out of the Senate and Finance Committee, I have seen what has worked and what hasn’t in making Middlebury a better place. With so many people devoted to doing so many good things in this community, I was truly hopeful that this year we could realize the promise inherent to the SGA’s mission while creating a stronger, healthier student body.

Middlebury College, I am not ready to back down on that promise, and nor should you. I write to you today to announce my candidacy for the Presidency of the SGA.

With help from voters like you, we can open a new era in student governance at Middlebury. If elected, I will seek to establish a more active, more innovative student government.  Along with my dedicated team of student leaders, I intend on rejuvenating the SGA. My presidential agenda aims to reframe, reform, and reimagine the role of the SGA in our lives. 

Reframe. Let’s refocus the resources of the SGA to reframe our mission to become the most effective advocacy and coordinating body on campus. Our SGA should fight harder and smarter for major student academic initiatives like Pass/Fail classes, new academic programs in Africana Studies, Swahili, and Hindi, the elimination of add/drop period restrictions, and much, much more. Our SGA should take the lead in resuscitating the 2016 carbon neutrality pledge and in establishing an environment for diverse social life to flourish. Where deficiencies are found in student services, it should be the SGA’s responsibility to coordinate innovate solutions to better the lives of Middlebury students.

Reform. Let’s evaluate the SGA’s own internal operations in the hopes of reforming aspects most unfair or odious to students. Our sprawling bureaucracy needs to be streamlined, forced to shed regulation, and pushed to facilitate rather than punish student organizations. Voting and electoral reforms must be presented to renew confidence in one-student one-vote principles. Waste where identified needs to be cut. There is much about the SGA and the administration that requires a thorough review, and I know that together we can strengthen our institutions to provide better services to students.

Reimagine. Let’s dare to think big to reimagine options for long-standing problems. Why can’t we create an investment vehicle for our oversized reserves so that future Middkids will not have the financial burden of student activities fees. How about establishing a student-run SGA-chartered corporation that will provide students a greater range of services while boosting on-campus jobs and offering unique hands-on academic experiences? Together, we can accomplish big things and pass along a better legacy for future students to follow.

To forge a stronger Middlebury College student body, I need your help. This October 10th, I urge you to vote for competence, to vote for passion, to vote for change.

Let us build a better Middlebury, together.

Sincerely Yours,